There’s no place like home

For the past few weeks I’ve been looking for an apartment.

Because, you know, I’m a grown up. I need a life and space of my own.

Really, I haven’t looked at that many apartments. Because I fell in love with one particular apartment complex and haven’t had eyes for another since.

But I have a news flash for you: Living alone is expensive.

I have another news flash for you: Living in a really good area in a giant and non-generic apartment with tons of closet space is really expensive.

So, of course, the apartments I like are expensive.

And with every living situation, there has to be some compromises. Sometimes it’s space, sometimes it’s location, sometimes it’s price. Sometimes it’s moving before you think you’re emotionally ready to leave the nest (even if you’ve left the nest before.)

I think I’m going to put in an application on one of these expensive and beautiful apartments this afternoon. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but when I actually made the decision, I began to freak out.

I was freaking out about money, savings, etc. But, really, I don’t think I could ever save enough to make myself happy. I need to get out and live. Get out and be me. Get out and see what happens when I (re) cut the cord!

I don’t mean to sound as though a move is inevitable. The apartment people still have to approve my application and I can’t say that I have a long list of references when it comes to landlords:

Current landlord: Mom & Dad
Past landlord: Spanish friend
Landlord before that: Friend’s uncle
Landlord before that: Can’t remember any of his contact info

So who knows if they’ll even believe me when I say I promise I will pay rent every month.

And did I mention I have to move in by December 28? That will be convenient timing to put down a deposit and pay rent because, you know, I’ll also be buying Christmas presents and stocking my new apartment with some of the stuff I need.

Stuff I have:

  • A few dishes
  • A blow-up mattress
  • Hand-me-down kitchen table
  • Wii
  • Possibly an old shower curtain

Stuff I need:

  • Couch
  • Chairs
  • TV stand
  • TV
  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Coffee table
  • Lamps
  • Rugs (all hardwood floors in the new apt)
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Iron
  • Ironing table
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Bowls
  • Oven mitts

You get the idea.

So, you know, should be fun.

I was freaking out about all this, but I gave myself a pep-talk this morning and it’s pretty exciting. It’s easy to get stuck where you are and to be afraid of moving forward (no matter how much you want to).

I’m ready for more adventure! Even if it means sleeping on a blow-up mattress in a near empty apartment for a while.


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