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Opinion: Fat people can do what they want

When I opened my Google Reader at work..I mean before work…this morning, I found that the blogging world was set on fire by an article written in Marie Claire’s online magazine. My initial reaction after reading the post, by Maura … Continue reading

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My name is Julie and I live with my parents

About two years ago, I devised a plan. At the very last-minute, I decided to apply for a Master’s program in Spain. When accepted into that Master’s program, I would bring my stuff back from Boston, put it in my … Continue reading

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Love your body=Love yourself

Today is National Love Your Body Day! What does loving your body mean to you? For me, the answer is twofold: It means taking good care of yourself by eating well and exercising (in a way that you enjoy!) And it … Continue reading

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How NOT to recover from a half marathon

After running the Bear Chase Half Marathon on October 3, I was psyched. I had so much fun running that race, and I couldn’t wait to run more races. Don’t get confused: I was excited to run more races, but I … Continue reading

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The new normal

My first week as a vegan only involved two slip-ups: My company had an end of summer barbecue. I didn’t know exactly what was on the menu, but figured it was not vegan. Originally, I’d planned on bringing my own veggie burger, … Continue reading

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For anyone interested, my official time was 2:14:08 or an average pace of 10:16/mile. I think that’s good for the climbing/falling/wading through streams we had to do, but in the future I’d prefer a pace under 10:00/mile. I finished 17th … Continue reading

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Week of firsts

This weekend, I ran my first half-marathon! As running became part of my normal routine in Spain, I decided that I’d probably want to train for a half-marathon when I returned to the U.S. My original plan was to do … Continue reading

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