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Thankful is an understatement

Have you ever gotten so busy and wrapped up in something, that for weeks or months you forget to stop and be grateful? Not that you don’t remember you have blessings in your life. And not that you take things … Continue reading

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Holding myself back

Disclaimer: This post is slightly more profound & personal than others. Today on my drive to work, I was thinking about the usual things: Work & boys. On my computer screen at work, I have pasted a quote. It says, “We must have … Continue reading

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Danger lurking around every corner

Thanks to the gals at running group, trail running has become one of my favorite activities. I now LIKE running uphill. Even more than I like running downhill. I am a freak. However, even though trail running is wonderful exercise … Continue reading

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Doctors and mullets, in that order

Today I had my follow-up appointment with the Spanish doctor. I brought him the x-rays of my neck and shoulders and my blood test results. He hemmed and hawed and muttered to himself for a while. Then he said that … Continue reading

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Day 2

So when I arrived yesterday and paid a cab driver a million Euros to drop me off at a stranger’s apartment, I felt bad. I felt uncomfortable, unhappy, and far away from everything I loved. It sounds childish, but I … Continue reading

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