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A Birth Story

So I had a baby. And let me just say: pregnancy was weird. Not just my reaction to pregnancy, but everyone else’s as well. People get very excited around pregnant people. Then it’s all they want to talk about with … Continue reading

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The Time I Met Counting Crows

The first time I saw Counting Crows in concert, I was convinced I was meant to meet them in person. By them, I mean Adam Duritz, the lead singer. By in person, I mean form an unbreakable lifelong connection. Sadly, … Continue reading

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On 4/20

For me, April 20 or 4/20 will never be about marijuana. No, I’m not much of a stoner. But also it’s because saying “April 20” never sounds fun or carefree. When referencing it, for me and thousands of others, it … Continue reading

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That time we went to Romance Under the Sea

Valentine’s Day. A very divisive holiday. The first Valentine’s Day that Trevor and I were together, he said about a week before the day in question, “We could celebrate Valentine’s Day. Or we could show each other we care about each … Continue reading

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My Golden Year

Today I am 31 and no longer 30. The year of my age matching my “lucky number” is over. I would say I am less upset about growing another year older than I am about losing the nice round number … Continue reading

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Navigating foreign lands

So far 2014 hasn’t been much for blogging. I guess I’ve been busy planning a wedding and trying to sell/buy a house. Lucky for you, I’m not here to talk about any of that! Instead, I want to go back … Continue reading

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Another year over

Last year, instead of a resolution, I decided I wanted a word for the year. Something that would describe my attitude toward things and hopefully influence the way the year would go. The word for 2013 was: Joy. At times, … Continue reading

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