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Summertime in Colorado

Last night, we went to a concert. The main act was Devotchka, playing with the Colorado Symphony. It was wonderful. We were at an outdoor venue called Red Rocks. The scenery, the weather, the music. Completely amazing. I wasn’t able … Continue reading

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My Trip to Argentina and Uruguay

One of my goals for 2012 was to visit South America. It was one continent that I had never seen but always wanted to. I made it to London twice last year, so I thought that one trip to South … Continue reading

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Three days still isn’t enough

One of the many perks of working for a non-profit is that we get a few more holidays than some for-profit companies do. This weekend, for example, we got President’s Day off. I was looking forward to a productive, relaxing … Continue reading

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What do you do the weekend before you move?

The majority of people will spend some time packing up their stuff if they’re planning on moving in a week. And I would have, if I’d had the time. But instead I chose to have fun this weekend. I had … Continue reading

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My name is Julie and I live with my parents

About two years ago, I devised a plan. At the very last-minute, I decided to apply for a Master’s program in Spain. When accepted into that Master’s program, I would bring my stuff back from Boston, put it in my … Continue reading

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Viva Mejico!

So, I’ll go ahead and state the obvious and point out that I haven’t posted in a while. I’m working full-time now, which is a pretty drastic change from my schedule of lying around the pool and watching Gilmore Girls reruns. … Continue reading

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Why June is the best month ever

My friends from my Master’s program and I have been talking about June all year. It was to be the best month of the program: warm weather for outings, no classes or theses, half-days of work, and time to do … Continue reading

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