My Golden Year

Today I am 31 and no longer 30. The year of my age matching my “lucky number” is over. I would say I am less upset about growing another year older than I am about losing the nice round number of 30.

It has been quite a year.

It started with lots of celebrations.

Sept 2

At home, and in Napa.



Then there was an engagement.


Which turned into future in-laws meeting and bonding.


Family Christmas.


The selling of houses.


The buying of houses.


Old and new friends getting together to celebrate.


A wedding.


And a honeymoon.


It was a very busy, and joyful year.

While I’m relieved to have selling a house, moving, and planning a wedding behind me, I am still sad to say goodbye to the year I turned 30.


Let’s see what happens at 31.

About juliemcg

Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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1 Response to My Golden Year

  1. avaerewyck says:

    i think 31 one is going to be delightfully boring for you.

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