I’m moving!

Last Friday, I arrived at the leasing office, application and pay stubs in hand, ready to take an important step towards independence.

I was prepared to try and move right after Christmas (December 28) and to pay deposits immediately after emptying my bank account buying Christmas presents (and presents for myself that could not be resisted while Christmas shopping).  I felt I had no choice since it seemed the prices for these apartments are all randomly different, but seem to be rising. I felt that if I didn’t swoop in and catch this one, then my only options would be at least $50-$80 more a month.

Well, wouldn’t you know that the same size model, on the same floor (in a different building) opened up with a move-in date of January 15! My ideal moving date! I happily submitted the application and was approved. Housewarming invitation to come (after I have some furniture).

I’m so excited/dreading writing a rent check each month. I’m looking forward to independence/going to miss a lot of the mooching I do currently. It’s going to be great when my stuff stays where I put it/not so great when I actually have to clean up after myself. I’m going to love all the closet space that is not cluttered by random crap I’ve accumulated all through childhood and adolescence/I’m going to miss stealing my mom’s jewelry, jackets, or shoes when I don’t have something that works.

So, you see, it’s both good and bad. Mostly good.

On an unrelated note, I have an observation about women at the gym. Specifically, the locker room. It’s odd how differently people react to the situation of having to change clothes in front of others. I’ve seen two extremes: women who walk around naked, bend over, admire themselves in the mirror, and once I even saw a lady who spent 15 minutes blow-drying her hair…naked.

On the other hand, there are women who use the one changing room available, or the restroom stalls to avoid being seen by anyone. What gives? What makes people choose to handle that situation so differently?

If you’re curious, I do change in the locker room but as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I guess it’s somewhat related since even though my new apartment will have a nice work out room (and outdoor pool!) my agreement with my current gym was for three months free and then six months paid after that. Welp, I’m just done with the free three months so I’m moving just in time to not use the gym while I’m paying for it! Not good planning on my part.


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One Response to I’m moving!

  1. Christina says:

    I’ll be honest. I guess I fall into the first category you described. I don’t care who sees what when I’m in the women’s locker room at my gym. I’m not trying to make an exhibition of myself. But I never really understood why some women are so afraid of other females seeing them nude. I understand someone not wanting to be stared at while their nude, or even stared at while completely dressed either. But if it’s just in passing I don’t consider it a big deal. I guess I just got used to locker room nudity in the group showers in high school?

    I usually do just blow dry my hair in the nude (even at the gym) because I like to air-dry some before I put my clothes on. Plus if I got dressed first, then I might sweat in my clean clothes that I’ve just put on because the locker room at my gym gets very hot and humid from all of the showers running.

    I am discreet about not bending over while I’m nude, however.

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