30 days til I’m 30


Not really. It’s actually 26 days. But 30 sounded better (and I first intended to write this post on Sept. 1, but I was enjoying a wedding hangover in Vail).

Since I was about 11, I believed that 30 was my lucky number. I had just started playing competitive soccer and had to choose a number for my jersey. I wanted to be #15 like my big sister, but someone else had already taken it. A family friend suggested I choose the number 30 because then I could be “twice the player my sister was” (he understood sibling rivalry) and it was the number of the day of my birth, September 30. Ever since then, I’ve considered it to be my lucky number. It’s still the number I wear on my soccer jersey.

So, let’s consider this: This year is also my golden birthday. I will turn 30 on the 30th! Lucky number or not, it’s two important milestones in one year.

But what does it mean to turn 30? Last year, this happened to Trevor (coincidentally it was his golden birthday also) and I joked a lot about how he was becoming old and he would probably only want to clip coupons or make scrapbooks instead of going out from now on. That hasn’t happened…mostly.

For me, it’s hard to wrap my head around how I feel about the upcoming decade. I have heard that being a woman in your 30s is much better in a lot of ways than being a woman in your 20s. I’ve heard you’re more secure, more sure of what you want, more focused and wiser in a lot of ways. I think I’ve definitely felt that begin to blossom in the last couple of years, so maybe that’s true.

I also find myself wondering if I made the most of my first 30 years, and if I’m where I “expected” I’d be at this age.

My first thought is that I’m really glad I lived abroad when and how I did. All three times in Spain (studying abroad as an undergrad, being an illegal immigrant, and getting a Master’s degree) served different, and important, purposes. Also, my brief stint living in Boston was definitely a great lesson for me. Without those experiences, I don’t think I could appreciate where I am right now so much.

I’m also glad I traveled. So far I’ve visited about 15 countries on 5 continents. There are still plenty of places I want to see, but so far I’m pleased with the progress.

And professionally, I guess I’m not sure I could ask for much more. I’ve gained some valuable experience that has set me on what I think is the right career path for me. I’m definitely still extremely excited about and grateful for my current job. So we’ll go ahead and put that one in the winning category.

My personal life could go in that category as well.

So, I should feel GOOD about turning 30, right?

I guess. But I’m not sure I do.





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Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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One Response to 30 days til I’m 30

  1. Amy says:

    well, i feel good about you turning 30! (p.s. better change your “about me” section 🙂

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