The Garden Groweth

Remember when we planted a garden?


It grew.


And it’s produced some things.

Mostly zucchini.

ImageThis photo was taken moments after I discovered and picked our first zucchini! We were so excited because we had no idea if anything would come from spraying water on these plants all summer.

Since then, there have been dozens. 

ImageThese are some baby ones, not quite ready to be picked.

I’ve made two batches of zucchini bread, grilled zucchini to include in a salad, frozen some, thrown some away that went bad, and Trevor made stuffed zucchini the other night. Zucchini!

And besides that, we have some butternut squash! Four to be exact. One is a runt.



If our garden looks a little untidy, as though we just threw some plants in the ground without planning what should go where or allowing enough space for them to grow big and wide, that’s because we did. We’re beginners.

And, that pretty much sums up our garden experience. We have 2034982309 zucchini, four butternut squash, lots of what I think are cantaloupe plants that have taken over the backyard but have yet to produce, and one “mystery vegetable” plant that I thought was a tomato but has only grown yellow flowers so far.

We’ve also grown some grass! Turns out if you plant things and spray them with water regularly, a lot will grow. Including weeds. I’d say our weed to grass blade ratio is currently at 1:1 (hence no photo.)

I’ve discovered I somewhat enjoy yard work. Too bad it’s one of those things that just goes on the list of “things I’ll do when I have time.”




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