I live alone

I am a 29-year-old woman, and I live alone.

With my dog.

Most mornings, I go running in the dark (or light…depending on the time of year) with my dog toward Wash Park. In the old days, I used to run all the way to the park. Now we run until my dog poops and then we turn around.

I like to listen to really bad music loudly on my iPod while I’m in the shower. I’ve been using Pandora for this purpose lately.

I play ball with my dog every morning before I leave for work. There is a big area behind my apartment that is semi-fenced in. He gets very dirty because it’s often muddy and then he tracks said mud all over my floors.

I like to eat my breakfast here while watching The Daily Show from the night before. Then, I leave my dishes in the sink to wash later because I never feel like I want to spend time doing that in the morning.

I have two closets full of clothes and shoes in my bedroom that are all mine.

I have five closets total in my apartment: two for clothes, one coat closet, one broom closet, one randomly huge closet, and one linen closet. When people come over, they think I don’t have very much stuff. It is all in the closets.

I can’t control the heat in my apartment and I like to sleep when it’s cold. So I often have my windows open all year round. I also use a fan most of the time. I like to be really cold so I can snuggle with my extra warm down comforter and have my dog sleep next to me.

On weekends, during the day I really like to nap or watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls.

On weeknights, I like to watch an episode of Medium in bed before sleeping.

If I don’t have dinner plans or anyone else to cook for, I often will eat fried eggs and toast or cereal for dinner. Or sometimes I sneak through the Taco Bell drive thru.

I don’t have cable and exclusively watch Netflix or DVDs.

I like to take baths at night if I have time.

I LOVE to go to bed ridiculously early. Ridiculously. Like 8-year-old child’s bedtime.

I really love watching embarrassing TV. Right now I love watching old episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

I often only clean if someone is coming over.

I have waay too many toiletries and store them in a set of drawers in my bathroom and also I use over half of the space in the linen closet for these items. I don’t know why I need so many. I probably don’t use half of that stuff. But some of it are travel-sized shampoos, conditioners and lotions that I’ve collected for future use.

On weekends, I do like to run to the park and will often run the entire 4 miles around the park. It’s the prettiest park in Denver.

I park on the street and sometimes have trouble parking close to my building. I also always, always feel like I’m carrying a million things and will strategize as to which things I have to bring in vs. what I could grab another time. Then I haul things up two flights of stairs.

I have my own balcony that I never use.

I will not eat at the table unless someone else is here.

I like to watch TV and browse the internet simultaneously.

This is my last week living alone. I can’t imagine what is in store.


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Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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