Spring = Spring into Action

This blog has certainly become a dormant hobby of mine. It’s been quite some time without a post of substance. I can’t possibly catch you up on everything that has happened, so I am writing a post about everything that is going to happen.

To be honest, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • I recently resigned from my current position to pursue something new and exciting! Yay. So I will need to wrap up this job to start my new job on April 1.
  • But not before I go on a quick roadtrip to Zion National Park next week.
  • A week after I start my new, exciting, challenging position, I have to report for jury duty.
  • A couple weeks after that, I may be traveling to Maryland for a work training.
  • In May I will be moving out of the apartment I’ve lived in for two years to my boyfriend’s house. This means not only sorting through and packing all of the things I have accumulated over the past couple years, but also helping my boyfriend fix up his house so that it feels just a bit less like a former college dormitory.
  • The move coincides with the weekend that two of my good friends are getting married! So, that will be an eventful weekend.
  • After moving, there will be more house projects to work on, plus an adjustment period because my boyfriend’s former roommate will continue living there until August. So I think I will be storing many of my things in the garage until then.
  • But, we will be in Ecuador for two weeks in July so at that time I will only need the things I can fit in a suitcase.
  • Oh yeah, sometime between now and then I’ll be planning a trip to Ecuador.

Should be a relaxing few months. But, full of new and invigorating adventures and opportunities, for which I am always grateful. 


Trevor’s two cats and my dog helping us choose a paint color for the living room.



About juliemcg

Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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One Response to Spring = Spring into Action

  1. avaerewyck says:

    weddings are more important than apartment moves … and basically everything else on earth – everyone knows that. i choose the light green paint color!

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