2011: One of the Best Years Ever

I must say, I’m not thrilled about saying good-bye to 2011. While it did have its stressful moments, the good parts far outweighed the bad. It really was one of the best years ever.

Two thousand eleven was the first time in a long time I didn’t embark on some sort of adventure living in another country or state. It was the first full year I spent in Colorado–and near my family–in about five years. And it was amazing.

I started out 2011 by moving into my own apartment. This is the first time I’ve ever lived alone, and I must say, it was everything I thought it could be! Besides how much I like my apartment itself (location, amenities, space) I really like living on my own. It’s just the right time in my life for it. Weird how fast a year went by in this place, but not to worry because I renewed my lease for another 12 months.

The early part of 2011 included a lot of work anxiety. The company was changing quickly which led to a lot of uncertainty. It was the worst in February and March, but kind of remained that way for the rest of my time there. I must say, that was the stressful part of the year. But, despite the stress, that job brought so many great things. As you can tell from my last post, I met the most amazing people ever at that job. Seriously, some of my best friends now. And I learned and gained more experience there than I ever could have imagined. Overall, it was life-changing (for the better).

In 2011, I amazingly managed two trips to the UK! I never would have thought it would have worked out that way, but it most definitely did. I was lucky to be able to pull that off. I also made it to Disney World and Tulsa, Oklahoma on some family vacations. Score! In 2012, I’d like to try to make it to South America and/or back to Spain to check-in on some friends there.

My birthday this year was also quite special. I adopted a dog, had a birthday party where all of my nearest and dearest (and some surprises!) showed up. It was definitely the birthday of my dreams.

So, to sum up 2011: It was a year of making great friends, being near family, and some wonderful travels. I’m not sure I could ask for anything more.

Looking forward to 2012, I have a few simple “goals” (for lack of a better word). Here they are:

  • To be more creative in my free time. Meaning, I want to create things. This definitely includes more blogging/writing. Let’s just hope more funny things happen to me that I can write about.
  • I want to run at least one 10K. Tendonitis is still holding me back a bit, as well as having time to train for a long race. But I think 10K is a great distance for me as far as time and training go. So I want to run some, preferably on trails or in the mountains.
  • I want to be better to the important people in my life. Do more for them and tell them I care about them more often. I want to be a better daughter, sister, friend, cousin, niece, girlfriend.
  • I want to think positively. To think that all things are possible. To dream big and start small.

I think those are simple enough that I can stick to them. Probably the hardest and most likely to be left incomplete is the first one (sorry.) But I will definitely do what I can.

Did anyone else make some resolutions or set some goals?

Happy new year! I hope you had a great 2011, and I wish you nothing but the best in 2012.


About juliemcg

Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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One Response to 2011: One of the Best Years Ever

  1. Scott says:

    Sounds like 2011 was very eventful for you. I wish you luck with all of your goals.

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