Thankful is an understatement

Have you ever gotten so busy and wrapped up in something, that for weeks or months you forget to stop and be grateful? Not that you don’t remember you have blessings in your life. And not that you take things for granted, but you just don’t stop and actually feel grateful for them?

This is what happened to me. Work kept getting more and more short-staffed, and I kept picking up more and more work. Remembering small details, worrying about doing everything right, and stressing about the welfare of the organization has been occupying a lot of my brain. The normal daily rituals I had, of thinking about how many wonderful things I had to be thankful for, sort of went out the window. And that sort of turned me into Negative Nancy.

So, I went on vacation. Even though it may have been one of the worst times to go, and even though I didn’t have a bunch of extra money to spend (especially right before Christmas) I decided to hop over the pond to England and Scotland. I did not think about work while I was there, I was able to once again put things in perspective. And it was amazing.

That’s why, to start this post-Thanksgiving list of things I’m thankful for, I will say: I am thankful that I have the ability and means to travel far and wide, and that I have people who are worth visiting on the other side of the ocean.

While I was gone, my job announced they are closing the Denver office. I now have the option of moving to D.C., with a promotion, or being out of work come January 1 (Happy Holidays to me!)

Whichever way you look at it, with my career changes, new beginnings are in order. So, I thought I would reflect on the good things that have happened in the past year and five months.

I’m thankful for the new addition to my family.

And for his friends.

I’m thankful for my cool and intimidating work friends.

I’m thankful for the caffeine that got us through the days.

I’m thankful for typical, productive meetings.

I’m thankful for prizes at Casa Bonita.

And the resulting grown parts of ponies.

I’m thankful for four-person offices and office visitors.

I’m thankful for afternoons spent working by the pool (until your shirt blows right off.)

I’m thankful for faux hawks, stripes and sunglasses.

I’m thankful for constant name misspellings.

I’m thankful for shady parking spaces.

I’m thankful for missing pieces of paper.

I’m thankful for happy hours.

I’m thankful for giant suitcases.

I’m thankful for gay pride t-shirts.

I’m thankful for celebrating important events in each other’s lives.

I’m thankful for broken forks.

I’m thankful for whole new worlds of karaoke moments.

I’m thankful for group Halloween costumes (Saved by the Bell.)

And I’m even thankful for doll/stuffed animal/angel hybrids.

Basically, I’m thankful to have so many good memories and to have met such amazing people.

Not to mention how blessed I am for my family and the opportunities I have to see them regularly and spend quality time with them.

Yes, I truly have more than my share of things to be thankful for.

Here’s to more good times ahead, and to new challenges and opportunities. I’m grateful for those, too, even though they scare me a bit.


About juliemcg

Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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One Response to Thankful is an understatement

  1. wow it sounds like you have some crazy decisions to make. Keep positive. I moved from Denver to the east coast about 5 years ago. I still miss Denver every day. Cheers

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