Weird happenings

I guess I should just begin by saying that I attract weirdos. I just do. Weird people find me, talk to me, like me. I find myself in odd situations all the time. Am I the only one?

Lately, the odd situations have been multiplying. And not just with strangers. I have been involved in extremely weird and uncomfortable situations with the people I know, and to be honest, I think I have been the weirdo in some of these situations. Unfortunately, most of these are too personal to account for on the blog. But here is one story of a weird stranger who approached me:

My sister had been traveling extensively for work and asked me to go pick up a prescription for her at the grocery store. She’d gone to pick it up before, but there was a lot of confusion about what was and wasn’t in stock and it took hours and she left empty-handed. Being the nice sister that I am, I agreed and went to the store to pick it up. I approached the counter and asked for the prescription, and I think I got the same story my sister did. They had it at another store, not at theirs, blah blah. They said I should wait a while for it to be ready.

While I was waiting, I called my friend Lauren. I had to tell her the story of my attempt at breaking up with someone. Turns out, I suck at breaking up with people. Anyway, I was telling Lauren the long, drawn-out, awkward story and shopping. Some time went by, and then I called my mom and talked to her for a minute. I went to pick up the prescription and it turned out that what they thought they had was actually something different, so they didn’t have what I had asked for, they had something slightly different (and six times more expensive since it wasn’t exactly what was prescribed.) I tried to get a hold of my sister to see what she would want to do, and waited around for a while, but ultimately left pretty frustrated.

As I was leaving, an older man approached me. He gave me a smile and said hello and I responded with my attempt at the same. He said, “I can see you’re not having the best day.”

I said, “Yeah, I’m having some trouble picking up a prescription.”
He said, “I heard you breaking up with your girlfriend.”
I said, “Me? No, I was just trying to pick up a prescription for my sister.”
He said, “Yeah, but what about your girlfriend? By the way, do you want to buy the Denver Post?”
Me, “No. And I don’t have a girlfriend.”
He said, “Who’s your girlfriend? Why did you breakup?”
Me, “I don’t have a girlfriend. And I have to go.”
Him, “Wait! No! Your girlfriend!”

I walked away.

Lots of weird things have been happening at work. Well, I wouldn’t so much say that things are weird, but that lots of changes are taking place. There was a time when I felt like things couldn’t be better, then one by one they started getting dismantled. People quit. Workloads increase. By the way, I celebrated my one year work anniversary this week!

This past week, my boss flew in from Washington, D.C., where our corporate headquarters is. I thought he was coming in to  get to know us a bit better, talk to us about work, etc. He’s really busy, and communicating long distance is sometimes difficult to say the least.

On the second day he was in town, he set up a schedule of individual meetings for us to go in and talk to him. Foolishly, I began making a list of what I wanted to say to him. However, I found out from the first few people who went in there that he was sitting there with the HR lady, otherwise known as “Death Cat” (because she’s like that cat that goes to people when they are about to die, only in this case about to be laid off.)

Earlier in the week, we had heard that they’d been telling a lot of people that their jobs would be over on December 1, because they would be rehiring for their positions in D.C. We sold our Denver building, and apparently we are trying to move to the smallest space possible. So, they are trying to put positions in our D.C. office.

I sat for two hours waiting for my meeting with my boss and HR. I was shaking. I was nervous. I wondered what they would say and how I would react. I pictured what the next three months would be like. I wondered if I would find a new job by then.

I went into my meeting and saw them both there. I think the look on my face conveyed terror because my boss said, “You don’t have to look so terrified, we’re here to talk to you about something exciting.”

So, it turned out they were not laying me off. They were trying to convince me to move to D.C. I have a job even if I stay in Denver, but they’d like me in D.C.

It’s something to think about. There’s actually a promotion I have my eye on, that I think I could only get in D.C. And I do think that being there would make a lot of work things a lot easier.

But, I’ve been so happy since I moved back to Denver. So very happy. Literally no complaints about being here. In fact, haven’t I gone on and on about how nice the weather is, how beautiful it is here, how much I love the sunsets, the new friends I’ve made, and how it’s great to be involved in family functions?

Yes, all that is true. And I still have no complaints.

But something is enticing to me about this move to D.C. It seems exciting and new and I’m young and single, have nothing tying me down here. It could be a new adventure.

But, do I want to start all over again?

I don’t know. I have to decide by mid-September.


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