Life in Lists

My usual extremely high amount of reads (ha) has gone way down. Is it for lack of posting?

I noticed that many other bloggers get by with making lists. I can make lists! So instead of thinking of a creative topic for a post, I will just make some lists.

Things I did last weekend:

1. Last weekend was so fun and busy! I got off work at 1:00p.m. on Friday because our office closed early for the holiday weekend. I went with my friend and co-worker Lauren to lunch and the mall, where I purchased a table-cloth from Anthropologie for only $80. It’s very colorful, and I love it.
2. After the mall, I went to Casa Bonita for dinner with some other co-workers. It was amazing: bad food, cliff divers, shows, mariachi band, Black Bart’s (actually scary) cave, and the arcade where I proved  I am the best ski ball player there ever was. Seriously. Challenge me.
3.  Saturday I got my hair cut. It’s only taken a little over a year, but it is now actually a style I have chosen and I like.
4. Saturday night I had my friends Molly, Nick, Michelle, and Keira come over for drinks. Keira is one of my oldest and best friends, and she was in town for her little sister’s graduation. They all came over, we drank a lot, then we went out. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while.
5. Sunday was one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a while (see #4). I slept for a lot of the day and then tried to be social, but failed.
6. I ran the BolderBoulder on Monday with Keira and Michelle! It was really fun, and I did better than I expected. I love races!

Things I did this week:

1. Tuesday I had a double-header at softball. I’m still not great at softball (which really bugs me) but the team is fun and I did OK.
2. Last night I went to running group! It was a blast from the past since I haven’t actually been since October! We ran the same trail as the time I first went to running group and had to try not to cry. I did OK yesterday, but I’m definitely getting excited to run some more trail races. I really think my tendonitis is getting better.

Things on the horizon:
1. Soccer tonight. I haven’t played in SO LONG due to plans/vacations/holidays. I made the executive decision not to play with my team on Wednesday nights. I have too much going on and that is the night we usually do yoga and then cook dinner and drink wine club.
2. My cousin’s daughter’s dance recital is tomorrow and my cousin’s husband’s birthday is Sunday! Lots of family time this weekend, and maybe some downtime as well.
3. I have to go to court on Monday for my CASA case already! I feel a little unprepared and a little bit like a failure, but what can I do?


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