This American Life

This post is not going to be about a radio show or podcast. Nor is it going to be an essay about life in America.

It’s quite simply going to detail what’s been happening in my life, since I often leave you, dear blog readers, in the dark.

Twice last week I was accused by friends of leading a much more fabulous life than I let on. Not just in the blog, but in conversation. When someone asks me how things are, my usual answer is, “Great! No complaints.” And apparently that’s not enough for people. So, friends, here is why my life is so great:

  • I love my job. Things here are a little bit touch and go, but I’ve held on this long and I’m so grateful that I have. I love my job, I love my co-workers. I just love it! Love, love, love.
  • I’m so happy about where I live. Not just my apartment and its location in Denver, but my geographic location in the Universe, continent, country, state. I feel grateful that I got out and had the adventures that I did and came back here to start a grown-up life. I get to do my own thing, support myself, and also have tons of family time! Seriously couldn’t ask for more.
  • Speaking of family time, I’m going on a family vacation to Disney World tomorrow! We’ll also be visiting the Harry Potter theme park! I can’t wait.
  • I now play softball on my work softball team. Turns out, I’m not as good at softball now as I was when I was 12, but at least now I can drink while I play to numb the pain of that fact. Also, my work team is SO FUN and my friend Michelle (who doesn’t work with me) is playing with us, too, which just makes it all the better.
  • I’m still playing soccer and I still love my soccer team. We don’t win often, but when we do it’s all worth it! We have tons of fun together and I’m glad it’s something I continue to stick with.
  • Lately, on Wednesdays, I’ve been going to this awesome yoga class with my friend Kathryn. Our yoga teacher is super legit; when she’s late for class she will blame it on Mercury being in retrograde. We both live life by the law of attraction! Besides being very new-age and quirky, she’s very encouraging and hilarious! After yoga we have “Girls who like to make dinner and drink wine” club, which stemmed from our book club in which nobody read the books. That is also really fun!

So, as you can see, much of my time is accounted for. Which I don’t really mind. The only downside is having to schedule fun times with friends a few weeks in advance… There’s so much I want to do and so little time to do it! Maybe I could cut out sleeping.

Perhaps because my life lacks drama people think I’m holding back. But the truth is I’m just generally happily plugging along doing my thing. However, if I did have to register a few complaints, they would be these:

  • Some geese decided to build a nest on the landing above the front door to my apartment complex. It was just a little porch-type thing that went over th front door to shield from rain. After going up the first flight of stairs, you could stand directly in front of them and look out at them through a window. They laid some eggs and very sharply defended the nest (making many decide not to use the front door.) I watched the entire process in fascination: the picking of the spot, the staking out of the spot, the laying of the eggs, the build up of the nest. Then we got two and a half inches of rain in two days (the entire monthly average rainfall) and it made me sad. The patio thing flooded with water, it was really cold, and mama goose sat there soaked to the bone still sitting on the eggs. When the rain let up, the geese flew away. I think they knew their eggs didn’t survive the cold water. It made me very sad.
  • In an effort to meet new people, and to meet people who I might not come across in my everyday activities (softball, soccer, wine club, volunteering) I decided to join eHarmony. I have a bunch of friends who have been doing it, too, so I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Now, I don’t normally talk about boys or dating on this blog because it is public. However, I promised my friend Lauren I would include this gem:
Cabo 5/2010
I just think he is SO ATTRACTIVE that I can’t wait to meet him. Online dating is a wonderful, wonderful world.
And that, I think, sums it all up. My life may not be super-exciting or overly glamorous, but I often think there is very little I would change.

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One Response to This American Life

  1. Lauren says:

    I especially like that guy’s dimples.

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