Lucky Charms

Let’s face it; sometimes working in an office is not the most wonderful way to spend 40 hours a week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it definitely beats a lot of other things (being unemployed, for one). But, sitting in an office or a cube, indoors, in front of a computer all day every day can sometimes leave something to be desired (such as sunlight).

What can make or break this office experience, I’ve found, is whether you have good co-workers. At my last office job, I was lucky to have fun cube neighbors that kept me entertained, while at the same time teaching me valuable things about the business world. For example, I learned from my co-worker Evan about the value of the “CC”. In fact, Evan spoke often about writing a book titled, “How to CC Your Way to the Top”. This book would contain helpful hints such as:

  • Always CC your boss on emails you send outside business hours (shows you’re working hard)
  • Always CC someone else’s boss if they are supposed to do something for you but haven’t yet (really motivates them to respond)
  • When writing something impressive, CC your boss
  • When writing something exceptionally impressive, CC the C.E.O, C.O.O. or similar

There were more complicated and impressive uses for the CC, but I don’t want to give away all of Evan’s secrets before he has a chance to publish his book.

I also have great co-workers in my present office environment. I’ve mentioned previously how much I like them, but I thought I would share this story to illustrate what a difference great co-workers can have on your day.

We have a tradition of having “Grill Wednesdays” wherein during lunch, we fire up the grill on the back patio and everyone brings something to toss on. We sit outside on the cement picnic tables and chat while our food cooks and then we all eat together. Today, we were sitting there enjoying our grilled goodness, when someone began talking about Lucky Charms. Talking about Lucky Charms made me want a bowl. Right. That. Minute.

Turns out, it’s nearly impossible to talk about Lucky Charms without really wanting a bowl. My co-worker Molly and I decided that we needed to go get a box of Charms right then. I thought we were the only ones with Charm fever, but then Clay and Nick wanted in on it too (except they needed milk as well.) As we discussed it further, our other co-worker Stacie popped in and said, “You’re talking about Lucky Charms?! That sounds SO GOOD!” so she got in on it. Then we saw Lara and asked if she wanted to go to Wal-Mart with us. She didn’t, but she was definitely down for some Charms.

Molly and I drove 5 minutes down the road to our local Wal-Mart and each bought one item: Molly bought milk and I bought the biggest box of Lucky Charms they had. The check-out person said, “I assume these go together?” And then added, “Lucky Charms sound SO GOOD right now.”

I sent a mass email from my phone as we were pulling in to the parking lot (behind my boss, mind you) and said, “We’ve got the Charms. Meet us in the kitchen.” We arrived to the boys sitting at the table with empty bowls and spoons in their hands. Stacie and Lara came in, but people coming in and out of the kitchen saw the Charms and wanted to partake. Eventually, we had quite a group packed around one table, all eating Lucky Charms and reminiscing about good times from child hood.

We’ve decided to have a once-a-week sugar cereal group.

Now, go get yourself some Lucky Charms. You know you want to.

(If you want more information about the value of the “CC” I can put you in touch with my past co-worker.)


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2 Responses to Lucky Charms

  1. Gin says:

    Those things are so magically delicious I may have to get some now…

    And yes, good coworkers make work awesome…and bad ones can make it a living hell.

    Also, can you believe we are coming up on our five year anniversary of being college grads?? Doesn’t seem like that long…

  2. Lauren says:

    Aw, I love that. I’d do that except almost every girl on my floor is participating in that stupid weight loss competition. And there are only like 3 other guys in my department. BAH! I’m glad you have fun at work and hopefully you’re less stressed!

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