Let’s talk about the good things

Lately, I’ll admit, I have been worrying. Worrying about everything from big to small. And whether or not my worries are well-founded (some are and some aren’t, in my opinion), I can’t let them overcome me. Bad things can happen at any time, and worry won’t stop them.

So tonight, even though I spent 10 hours at work and still had to run to the grocery store, I made it home in time for there to be enough light for an almost 4-mile run (if you are doing math, I got to work at 6:30am this morning.) There’s nothing like a sunset run to put a few things in perspective. So here is a list of things that are good with me right now:

  • Spring is coming! The days are getting longer now, which means I can run after work.
  • Speaking of spring, tonight during my run it felt more like a cool summer day than the last day of February. One more reason winter in Colorado is great.
  • Speaking of running, did I mention I can run? I ran six miles this weekend with little to no pain. Tonight I ran four at a really good pace. It was perfect for stress and anxiety relief. I was actually smiling during my run. My body remembers how to do this, even though it seems like I took 283479287 months off.
  • I’m really grateful for work friends. I could never have imagined that I would meet so many fun, kind, and amazing people in one office building.
  • Also sister time. My sister and I were both exhausted this weekend. So on Saturday night, I went to her place and we ordered pizza, drank wine, and watched a really bad movie. Such a great night.
  • Being near family. As I mentioned, my mom singlehandedly painted my apartment. I’m also really glad to be near extended family; especially the very tiny ones that I get to see grow up.
  • My apartment. It is my sanctuary and I love it.
  • Upcoming travel. Going to London in April! So excited.

Not the longest list, but things I was thinking about while running tonight. I can’t control everything, but I can be grateful for what I have.


About juliemcg

Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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