Winter musings

I know I’ve been absent (again) from posting for a while. Sometimes I feel like, now that I’m back in the U.S., this blog has sort of lost its luster.

Anyway. What’s up with the weather? Denver is no Boston but we’ve been getting more than our fair share of cold and snow lately. Last week, we got a light dusting of snow followed by some really cold temperatures. And when I say really cold I mean negative 12 degrees with a windchill of negative 30. That went on for two days (I worked from home.) Then, it was supposed to get sunny and downright warm (hello 45 degrees!) but the sun never really showed and instead we got more snow. My commute home on Thursday (even though I left work at 3:45p.m.) took me an hour and ten minutes, when it usually takes 20-30 minutes. Friday was similar except it snowed less and got warmer in the evening.

Yesterday, I woke up and did some things around the house. I was up pretty late on Friday so I was tired. It was overcast, but the weather looked nice for a long run (my typical Saturday routine). However, I decided to nap first and run later. When I woke up from my nap, it was snowing again! It was a wet snow and not too cold. At first, I was just going to walk to my apartment’s gym and do some miles on the treadmill, but then I realized I really wanted a sandwich and had no desire to scrape off my car. Or run on a treadmill. That’s when I decided to kill two birds with one stone: go running outside and get a sandwich on the way back.

I have to say, I enjoy running in rain, but running in snow, or while it’s snowing, has never been one of my favorite hobbies. But I felt inspired by all the hardcore runners I see EVERY DAY running in Wash Park. Even when it was negative 12 there were runners out there. And when it snows, they’re still out there. I decided I’m just as bad-ass as they are. So I went.

And I must say, I loved it. After I got out, it started snowing even harder. It was one of those snows where the air practically turns white. Visibility was limited, and the path was covered in snow from previous days, but my feet stayed toasty warm in my trail shoes. I found the run refreshing, beautiful and peaceful. There were so few other runners that it was one of the few times I didn’t get passed every 3 minutes (that tends to affect my self-esteem.) And when I saw other runners, we gave each other a smile like Yep. We’re bad-asses!

In the end, I got some good exercise in and the sandwich I had been craving. Happy ending.

Other than that, I can’t say there’s been too much excitement. I still love living downtown and living alone. I’ve been working on some pretty cool projects at work, and looking into some volunteering, which would be a significant time commitment. I’ve been debating about important, meaningful things like: do I paint my apartment? Do I get a dog?

I keep going back and forth on the dog front. On one hand, it would be nice to have a running partner and some company. On the other, it would be a significant time and financial commitment, that I just don’t know if I’m ready for.


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