New Apartment Pictures!

I’ve been having some difficulties getting my camera to communicate with my Mac, which is why I have been absent for so long! I really wanted to post some photos of the new place.

First, I want to say that moving was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was kind of expensive, though. I mean, there were a million things I needed to buy! Besides the furniture I purchased, I also needed tons of every day things like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, oven mitts, etc.

As usual, my parents were unendingly generous with this move. My mom not only bought my bed for me, but also took me to Target and got some of the basics for me. I’m still working on getting a few things, and on stocking the pantry with basics for baking like flour, sugar, spices, etc. But for now it is completely live-able.

I also never would have been able to move without the help of the “Over the Hill Movers” (which is what my parents call themselves after so many years of moving their daughters from apartment to apartment.)

Here’s a funny story: when the guys came to deliver my furniture, they parked out back in the parking lot, but I told them that the front stairs were probably wider and easier for maneuvering (I have a front door and a back door.) So they had to carry the furniture all the way around to the front and then up the 1.5 flights of stairs.

I held the door open while they were delivering the couch. It looked hard, but they got it up the stairs and into the apartment with a lot of pivoting (“Pivot!” What’s that from?) When they finally got it up there, they said, “Where do you want it?” I showed them and then they said: “Where’s the love seat gonna go?”

Me: “Love seat? I think you mean chair.”
Them: “No. It’s a love seat.”
Me: “Umm..I’d definitely call it a chair.”
Them: “It says on the order love seat.”
Me: “Well I was there when I bought it, and it is a chair.”
Them: (Puzzled. Looking at the order.) “This is the wrong couch.”

And when I took a closer look, I realized it WAS the wrong couch. It was still chocolate-brown, and one that I actually saw in the store and considered purchasing, but it wasn’t my couch. So back down the stairs it went, around the back and into the truck. Luckily, they did have my couch and they brought it up. Along with a coffee table.

Me: “I didn’t order a coffee table.”

In the end, I got all the right furniture. Now I just need to put up some finishing touches. Here are the photos:

Did I mention I bought myself a giant TV? Yes, I did. It was a really good TV for a really good price, so I couldn’t pass it up. This is looking into the living room from the dining room. On the right is the “front” door. On the left is the door to the balcony.

And here is a partial view from my balcony. I have so many windows and all the views are of trees and landscaped areas. I guess that’s why they call it “The Gardens.” Directly in front of my apartment is a little courtyard with a gazebo and a grill for the summer!

Here’s my living room. In the front left is the chair (a.k.a. love seat). Then a front view of the correct couch and my ottoman/coffee table combined. This weekend, I got a blue rug that matches the blue spots on the chair. I will update as the apartment comes together more and more. I LOVE the built-in shelves.

And the natural light (this was taken during the day with my iPod). And the wood floors. And the ceiling fan.

The dining room set formerly belonged to my cousin. It doesn’t really fit the style of the apartment, but it definitely works for now. I’m on the hunt for a cute table-cloth and vase to put on it.

My running shoes are in the photo since I had just returned from a 4-mile run around Wash Park! Have I mentioned I love my new place? To the left, behind the chair, is the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom (and giant closets!)

Closets on the right, bedroom on the left, bathroom straight ahead. One of the best things about this apartment is the amount of storage. I have a coat closet, a linen closet, a random huge storage closet, two decently-sized bedroom closets, and a pantry (closet). Unpacking was so easy since there was a place to put everything!

This is, so far, the bedroom. Pretty plain, but nice and spacious. I still need to hang pictures (I’ve been trying to decide if I want to paint.) Also, this furniture is on loan from my parents until the new Ikea opens in Denver.

Past the dining room, we have the kitchen. It is small, but my goodness does it have a ton of cabinets and drawers! I would estimate I’m using only 20% of the available storage space in this kitchen right now. On the right is the pantry and the back door.

And during the daytime.

So, that’s pretty much it. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I love it, but I do. It’s the perfect location–it feels very nature-y and is close to the park, but it’s right near the city!


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2 Responses to New Apartment Pictures!

  1. Liz says:

    I LOVE IT! the kitchen is adorable, with all that natural lighting. and your terrace is way better than anything ive ever seen in spain… ?? haha

    enjoy your first solo living experience! you’ll have to include me via ikea web site on your furniture novelties, furniture shopping kicks clothes shopping out of the WATER!

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