What do you do the weekend before you move?

The majority of people will spend some time packing up their stuff if they’re planning on moving in a week. And I would have, if I’d had the time. But instead I chose to have fun this weekend.

I had a late soccer game on Friday night (10 p.m.). I didn’t go out drinking afterwards. I would have gone for a drink since it was our last game of this season and we won’t be playing again until outdoor starts in March, but I didn’t realize anyone was going out until I checked my phone the next morning and saw I’d missed a text message. Whoops.

It’s probably better, though, because I really wanted to get up early to go to yoga on Saturday morning. Despite my best efforts, almost all last week’s planned workouts failed. So I got up Saturday and went to regular yoga (as opposed to hot yoga). It was the first time I’ve EVER gone to a regular yoga class at my gym. It was definitely different from what I’ve become used to.

First, the class was absolutely packed. Even if we’d wanted to, there would have been no way to fit another yoga mat on the floor of that room. Next, the instructor was loud and pushy and crazy. The hot yoga instructors turn down the lights, play light music, and tell you in a soft voice to ‘respect where your body is’ and don’t push you to do poses in a way that makes you uncomfortable. This dude would come yell at you and partially make fun of you if your legs weren’t straight (I am one of the most un-flexible people ever) and he corrected me 2308203942 times (which is really remarkable if you think about how big the class was.)

It didn’t flow as well as the other classes, and we spent a looooong time in each pose. However, staying in the poses for so long made my muscles tired. And I’m probably more sore now than I usually am after yoga. He corrected some of the poses that I’ve probably been doing wrong for a while now. So I would say, while I still prefer the style of hot yoga, crazy yelling guy probably helped me to do yoga better. One day, I will be able to straighten my legs! Oh, to dream.

The reason I had to get up early for yoga is because my family and I were headed to the Avalanche (hockey) game. My sister works for one of the Coors companies, so she ended up getting all 16 tickets in the Coors box for the Saturday game. My sister invited friends, family, and let us invite some people, too. So it was like a big party in the box with unlimited alcohol and popcorn. We had a section of regular seats, then a bar and stools behind it, and a closet and our own bathroom! I normally don’t enjoy watching sports, but seeing it live and in such a comfortable and fun atmosphere was amazing! Here’s a photo of the view from our box:

Not the best picture since it was captured from my phone, but we had a great view. The game went into overtime….but then we lost.

I was absolutely exhausted after the game, but decided to keep moving and head to the furniture store to buy a mattress. I ended up getting a memory foam mattress, so I’m hoping I like it. If I don’t, I can definitely return or exchange it, but I liked it sooo much better than any of the regular mattresses! So that and my new living room furniture will be delivered to my new place on Sunday!

Later that night, I met up with some of my work friends at probably one of the sketchiest bars in Denver (don’t ask me why they like that place.) It is so sketchy, in fact, that sweet little innocent me almost got into a bar fight.

Here’s how it happened:

We were sitting at the bar on some stools that were right by the pool table. So occasionally, when someone was shooting pool, they’d have to ask us to move, which we did willingly. This nice lady, Yolanda, was shooting and asked my friend Paul to please move, which he did. Then a few minutes later she was shooting nearby again, but Paul was not directly in her way so he didn’t move. The girl Yolanda was playing with came up behind Paul and pushed him (gently) out of the way and said, “You need to move when she’s shooting.” Paul said, “I will, but next time keep your hands to yourself.” And he kept walking towards the bathroom.

The girl who pushed Paul came over my way and said to me, “Why is he acting like I’m the pervert? HE’S the pervert!”
So I said, “Well, he wasn’t actually in the way when you asked him to move.”
Girl: “Who was even talking to you!? I didn’t say anything to you.” (She was in my face at this point.)
Me: “Ok. Well you can move away from me then.”
Girl: “I will as soon as she stops shooting!” (She was kind of boxed in because Yolanda was shooting by our side again.)
So then we stared uncomfortably at each other for a few minutes.
Then she broke the silence by saying: “What are you going to do about it, b#*&$?”
Me: “Um…absolutely nothing.”
Girl: “That’s right!”
Me: “I think she’s done shooting now.”
And she walked away. Then my friend Kelly who is 5’11” offered to be my body guard for the rest of the night (she had been in the bathroom when all of this took place.)

Not long after, we left the sketchy bar and went dancing. I really liked the dance place we went to; it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite dance places in Spain. We plan to go back next weekend!

I slept at my sister’s downtown that night and woke up in the morning to this:

Tired, hungry, and slightly hungover, I dragged myself back to my parents’ house where I ate a big breakfast and relaxed a bit. Then I went swimming at the gym and came back out to find 3 new inches of snow on my car.

I almost let that stop me from driving back to Denver to go to a co-worker’s bowling fundraiser event, but ultimately braved the roads and made it. And…bowled a 134. I’m just saying, I’m naturally talented at some things.

But, even with my above-average score, I didn’t win. A guy in my same lane happened to get four strikes in a row (two in an extra frame at the end) so he ended up winning at the very end. It’s ok, though, because really we were there to prevent child abuse.

I met some really cool people and had a great time! But by the time I got home, I ate dinner and was too exhausted for anything else.

My clothes will pack themselves,  right?


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