The trouble with new year’s resolutions

I went to the gym today to go to yoga, as I often do on weekday evenings. Today, however, was not your typical weekday evening.

Today there was nowhere to park.

It brought back bad memories of the mall parking lot on Black Friday.

And you know who’s to blame? Of course you do: New Year’s Resolutions.

I read that 90% of new year’s resolutions are broken by February. And I don’t think it’s because New Year’s resolutions are stupid, or people have too lofty of goals, or anything like that. I think it’s because the goals are too long-term.

When I thought about making year-long goals, I immediately got overwhelmed. But when I make short-term goals, then I’m much more likely to stick with them. Then, after I complete those, I get to make new goals! No need to wait an entire year. Just goal-it-up once a week, once a month, once an hour. Whenever.

Speaking of resolutions, even though I’m doing an EXCELLENT job of posting every day like I resolved to, I’ve decided this is a bit excessive. Instead of posting every day, I resolve to post more often.

Long-term, but vague. The trademark of a brilliant goal!


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