For the love of God, I just want to run

Last week, I ran one mile on the treadmill, and I was pretty pumped about it.

For about 5 weeks now, I’ve been going to physical therapy once a week and getting advice about my tendonitis. What I thought would be a 2-week recovery has turned in to 6-8 weeks. I’m only now feeling like I can begin to (slowly) reintroduce running and soccer into my routine.

It’s been frustrating. And expensive at $30 a pop for the physical therapy. What’s more, there really isn’t much that the physical therapist can do for tendonitis. He’d like me to think there is: he showed me some exercises to do, he puts heat and ice on it sometimes (nothing I can’t do at home).

So why continue to go? Simple: My physical therapist is really cute. And nice. And funny. And I believe single.

Plus, he has great hands which he uses to massage my tendons. Do the massages help? Probably not. Are they nice? Definitely.

Since I ran that one mile last week without pain during or afterwards, and since I was able to play soccer on Friday with the same result, it has become increasingly clear that physical therapy is less than necessary.

So I thought about not going this week. I thought long and hard about it. But, since I didn’t know that my appointment last week was my final appointment, I don’t think it’s right just to not go without saying goodbye. Plus, I promised to get him some information from work on how to rescue a golden retriever. AND, I checked my bank account balance and I think I can afford $30 more this week.

I’m really happy that things seem to be getting better for me. At first, I was really frustrated since I had planned on running those other two races this month. But I took the pressure off by reminding myself that I run for fun, and not to hurt. I skipped both of those races, I took about 4 weeks off of soccer, and I turned to alternate forms of exercise.

For example, every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 4 or so weeks I’ve been waking up at 5, heading to the gym and swimming laps. I thought about doing something else, like riding a bike or doing an elliptical, but it turns out I don’t like exercise machines (I use a treadmill very reluctantly.) And actually, I’ve grown to really enjoy my morning swims. I feel my stroke getting better each week, I see the regulars in the pool, and I always leave ten extra minutes to soak in the hot tub before I go back out to my car with wet hair.

I’ve also been doing hot yoga any evening or weekend morning that I can. I’m still bad at it, but at least I’m comfortable with my level of suckiness at this point.

I’m frustrated that I’m not in as good of shape as I was when I was regularly trail running. I’m frustrated that I spent pretty much the entire fall (best running weather of all time) unable to run. But I have some exciting races planned for next year, and now that I’m improving I’m looking forward to slowly beginning some training. And going to running group again. In the dark. With a headlamp. And some yak tracks.

On a related note, eating vegan since Halloween has pretty much been a bust. It took me until the weekend of, but I gave in to massive amounts of chocolate. Then I traveled to Vegas for my cousin’s wedding and couldn’t resist the buffet after the ceremony. Then I went to California for work and ate some cheese. And steak. And ribs (out of a bucket o’meat). In fact, I’m starting to think I just shouldn’t tell anyone I’m vegan so they don’t judge me when I say that and then proceed to shove meat into my face.

One of the main problems has been the traveling and the limited amount of time I have to cook for myself. I often resort to buying something already made from Whole Foods since it’s good like that. I haven’t been planning any meals (even though I have an awesome vegan cookbook now!) or finding time to make them. I will try to do that in the coming weeks. Even though it’s difficult, I still believe in the reasons behind choosing to be vegan and I guess doing it 70% of the time is better than not doing it at all.

In short: Farewell hot physical therapist, hello running and soccer, and it’s time to recommit to healthy eating.


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