Viva Mejico!

So, I’ll go ahead and state the obvious and point out that I haven’t posted in a while.

I’m working full-time now, which is a pretty drastic change from my schedule of lying around the pool and watching Gilmore Girls reruns. Due to the schedule change, I’ve had to drop some of my previous activities (the pool is closed now, anyway). I’m still keeping up with running and soccer. The half-marathon is only two weeks away and I feel ready. It’s amazing how much easier it is for me to run the trails that were so difficult early in the summer! I’ve put in a lot of hard work and I’m proud of where I’m at.

My job is good. I’m not sure I’ll ever be thrilled about being in an office all day, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the office environment I’ve landed myself into. Pay check isn’t so bad, either.

It’s weird to have money. I’ve been barely scraping by for as long as I can remember. I probably still won’t spend any money, though, because that’s just who I am (and the benefits of living at home). Although, I have some nice birthday presents in mind for myself…(birthday September 30.)

Speaking of September, it is so hard to believe that this month is halfway over! It flew by.

Maybe that’s because for the first five days of September, I was in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday!

My sister’s friends Laura and Christina, my sister, my mom, my aunt and I headed off to Mexico for an extra-long Labor Day weekend. Now, somehow I had gotten it in my head that I’m sick of going out, that I’m not huge on drinking anymore, and that I don’t really like dancing.

So my plan for Mexico was to lay around by the beach/pool, drink in moderation (we were staying at an all-inclusive resort), read my book, and go running as much as possible.

My sister and her friends had other ideas.

This guy was dressed exactly like the guy from the movie the Hangover. He let me borrow his sunglasses and we were dancing and having a great time. Then he pointed to a bag on the floor that was filled with these animal heads on sticks. We grabbed them and started dancing with them and my sister (on the right) thought it was hilarious. We were thoroughly enjoying our animals until they were confiscated by their owner.

That guy in the middle was the head of the entertainment crew at our hotel. One night, we were sitting around at the bar at the hotel trying to decide which song to sing karaoke to, when he came up to help us. Being slightly tipsy, I began speaking to him in Spanish and we became best friends. (We ended up singing Vanilla Ice and doing a dance on stage that involved push-ups). I saw him out the next night and we had a good time. He invited me to hang out with him the next night, but I told him it was a girls’ weekend!

When it’s your sister’s birthday (especially her 30th) you have to do what she says, right? Well, the whole night we had watched people go up and dance inappropriately on this stage. After a few margaritas, my sister decided that she wanted to dance up there, too. So I started walking her over there and she demanded that I go up there with her. So I did. The guy dancing behind me was kind of the host of the night and one of the many friends we made.

After we were through, we went back down to find my sister’s friends who were talking to a group of guys.

They commented that earlier I had seemed pretty quiet and not like the type of girl who would dance on the stage.

We did more than just go out and drink, though. We laid by the pool and drank. And we went snorkeling (where it was also possible to drink).

I can’t say I was 100% thrilled to have to pack and get on a plane and go through layovers and the inconveniences of travel after all the traveling I did this summer, but this trip was completely worth it. I had an absolute ball, and I hope my sister enjoyed her birthday as much as I did.

Plus, it was good for my soul to be in a Spanish-speaking country. Just reading the signs on the side of the road made me feel at home.

All in all, I recommend Cabo if you’re looking to get away from it all.


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One Response to Viva Mejico!

  1. Lauren says:

    So fun! Also, I totally own that cute pink/white ruffle dress! #30 on sale, what what! You’re sooooo cute (esp when you drink and dance on stage).

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