Hitting the ground running (literally)

So I suppose I’ve neglected for some time now to post any photos or stories from my trips to the Canary Islands and Italy. Here is one story from the Canary Islands to tide you over.

Here is the private beach/lagoon at our hotel to give you a visual of the island.

My sister and I were in Lanzarote (one of the Canary Islands) and we were looking for the perfect bar to watch one of the World Cup games (Spain and Portugal, I think?) We walked up and down the beach front looking for a place that had good food and the right atmosphere. In the end, we found a place that seemed to fit the bill. It was an English Pub with a chatty owner, a cheap Sunday menu, and a decent crowd.

Oh, yes. We had found the right place. The British owner absolutely loved us and shouted to everyone who came in that we were American. He chatted us up and brought us some drinks. For every drink we bought, we got a raffle ticket for some prizes he would give away after the World Cup game and after the trivia game. The trivia game that night was modeled after the British version of Family Feud, so we thought we had a good chance of winning since Family Feud was one of our favorites growing up.

Some of us (cough..cough…my sister) drank more than others. And before long, our raffle tickets were piling up. We failed miserably at the quiz, but the owner gave away free shots for answering bonus questions and I got some of those. And after the quiz some guys from a bachelor party invited us to their table and bought us more drinks, then some people who were leaving handed us their raffle tickets. You can imagine that we ended up with an adequate supply.

So adequate, in fact, that we won snorkeling goggles, a bottle of champagne, a t-shirt, and a bag of candy. I think the only prizes we didn’t win were a free breakfast and a beach bag. We went on an all day tour early the next morning and some of us (cough..cough…my sister) were feeling a little hung over.

Ok, that’s that. Maybe I’ll show some pictures of Italy in a future post. Back to the present.

I’ve been busy since I came back to Colorado. I ended up finding a job that I think will fit me very nicely. I think it will be a great combination of using a lot of the experience I’ve gained and yet challenge me to learn new things and to grow professionally. I’m sad to give up days at the pool and TV on DVD, but I don’t think the pool would have been as fun come October and November, and TV on DVD would get old eventually. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with earning a paycheck.

In all seriousness, I thought long and hard in Spain about what kind of job I wanted and where I wanted my life to start heading. I promised myself I would take my time to find a worthwhile job so that I wouldn’t get stuck in an unhappy cycle of taking a job because you have to, getting miserable, looking for another job, and taking whatever came along then getting miserable again. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found this so quickly, especially in this economy. I start Monday.

I’ve also officially signed up for a half marathon. And not just ANY half marathon, a trail half marathon. Yes, since my first running group adventure I have embraced the art of running on hiking trails (I am a native Coloradoan, after all) and have decided to do a 13.1 mile race on one. I’ve been running a lot with my running group friends. Here’s a picture of some of us:

Wow, that’s a dark, tiny picture taken from someone’s cell phone. Anyway, that’s us! Now, if you were to join us on one of our runs, you might think that the running group girls are in better shape than I am. Not true. I like to let them run far ahead of me so that I have fair warning if there is a rattle snake on the trail (already happened a couple times), some sort of man-eating creature (I can never remember which animals you play dead with and which you try to make yourself look big for), or a giant hole of some kind. It’s a good system.

The half-marathon is on October 3rd, so it looks like I got myself a half-marathon for my birthday.

I’m also playing on two soccer teams. One is a Friday night league and one is a Sunday night league. Neither of my teams have won a game yet, but I swear it has nothing to do with me. I think. The losing has got me slightly depressed; luckily the drinks afterwards help me deal with the pain. Last week I had a car bomb (Bailey’s mixed with Guinnes) and then tried to run 6.5 miles uphill with the running girls the next morning at 7am. Let’s just say I did some walking. Good times.

I also started attending an oddly non-religious church (my parents already think I’m really weird, this doesn’t help). I also sing in the church choir on Wednesday nights. Choir practice goes until 9 and then they have a few “social Wednesdays” where they hang out afterwards. Now, I like to be in bed by 10 so I had a hard time understanding how these people can socialize so late on weeknights. Then I realized it’s because they’re all retired. Good times again.

So that’s what’s been up with me lately. I think I’ve done well after only being home for about a month. I’m still trying to meet new people and reconnect with some friends I’ve been out of touch with for a while. My parents threw me a welcome home party on Saturday night and my friend Michelle, who also lived in Spain the time I lived there before, stopped by. It was great to see her and I’ll leave you with a photo of the two of us.


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2 Responses to Hitting the ground running (literally)

  1. Lauren says:

    That oddly-nonreligious church is UU, and to us UU’s it’s completely normal! 🙂

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