One month left…

May is ending and June is my last month in Spain.

The things that June has in store for me may make it the best month I’ll have all year! My master’s classes have finished, my thesis is done and turned in, and, during June, I only have to work in the mornings until school ends on June 23rd!

All of that sounds great, right? However, a few weeks ago as June began to approach, I felt myself getting nervous. What was I going to do with all my free time? I could no longer spend hours on the computer procrastinating working on my thesis. While it now serves as my main source of entertainment, my computer is the oldest computer on earth and heats up to approximately one million degrees when I use it. Who would want to spend summer days around such a warm object? I began to get nervous about what to do if I didn’t have to be (or want to be) chained to the computer “studying”.

Now that June is more reality than myth, plans are solidifying and I don’t think I have much to fear. This week alone I have to start going to physical therapy every day (i.e., massages), and due to birthdays and a random Thursday off from work, I’ll be spending significant time with my friends.

I’m still teaching a few of my private classes (thank goodness! I need the money!) and I’m really looking forward to going on an all-day field trip with the tiniest children in my school the week after next. That weekend, a big group of us are going camping (we’re trying to get our hands on supplies for s’mores) and the weekend after that, my sister comes.

After my sister comes it will be a whirlwind of traveling and good-byes. My sister comes on the 20th. The 21st is my last day of work, the 22nd is my graduation in Alcalá, the 23rd my sister and I are flying to Morocco. We come back to Madrid on the 25th and on the 26th we’re headed out to the island of Lanzarote for some beach time and water sports. We get back to Madrid on the 30th, my sister leaves on July 2nd, and I head to Italy on July 3rd. I get back from Italy on the 10th, spend the night in the airport and leave for the U.S. early in the morning on the 11th!

Did you get all that? I have a crazy month coming my way.

The time flies unbelievably fast here and I’ve been resisting the urge to write how much I feel this experience slipping through my fingers in each and every post for the past few weeks (because I know that we’d all get sick of reading it.) But it is! One short month of adventures left.

I’m doing my best to be on the job hunt for jobs in Colorado when I return. I’ve been fine-tuning my resume and applying to a few select jobs. I really want a job I can be proud of when I get back, something I can like myself for doing and a job that means something to me. Maybe I’m silly to think I can get all of that from a job. Or maybe not.

In my mind it’s June and it’s vacation. In my mind it’s been June since last Thursday when I turned in my thesis. But, in reality it’s still May and tomorrow I have to get through the last day of May and the last day I have to work in the afternoon. Of course, it’s a Monday—the hardest and longest day of the week for me.

My plan to get through this last long day is to spend it molding young minds with the academically enriching game of Heads Up Seven Up.


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