Homelessness and me

So, amazingly, tomorrow night will mark one week of being without a home.

It’s going great so far. I would be completely lost without the kindness and generosity of my friends. Before I moved out of my other place, I spent about 5 minutes sorting through clothes and such to determine what I would need for the next one to two weeks and what I could live without. I did this because my friend Juan was nice enough to let me store one of my giant suitcases at his house. Unfortunately, I didn’t find THAT many things that I felt I could live without, so even though Juan left with the bigger suitcase, I still had a lot of my life with me.

Boy, did that backfire when I had to leave Creep-o’s house to go to my friends Annie and Alyssa’s. I decided to ride the Metro there because I didn’t want to cough up the money for a taxi. Unfortunately, the suitcase (and laptop and purse and backpack) I had with me was seriously so heavy that the only way I could go up or down stairs was by doing it very slowly one stair at a time, with lots of breaks in between (in typical Spanish fashion). The suitcase was so heavy that it was even hard for me to pull it on the wheels while just walking on a flat street! I did most of it myself, but an old guy did help me up one set of stairs. He immediately regretted it, however, and said, “This suitcase is even heavier than mine!” (He had one too…it was biggger than mine…whatever.) When I got to Annie and Alyssa’s, I asked for some assistance with getting the dreaded 234092384-pound suitcase up the four flights of stairs to their apartment. Fortunately, God smiled on me and sent a good-looking and strong angel who practically lifted heavysuitcase over his head and up all the stairs. (Maybe it was my birthday present from the Universe?)

Anyway, that night was my birthday so we went to this awesome bar called El Tigre where you get super cheap drinks and giant free plates of tapas. Ran into an old friend there.

Annie and Alyssa were kind enough to put up with me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. It was a great time. We made food, took care of lots of stuff for school (I’m totally getting back into the groove of being a student), partied, and did more school. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met such great friends already.

Sunday I left them (it’s good to leave them wanting more) to come to another new friend’s house. I call him “British Guy” but his real name is Paul. He has a very big and nice apartment in a wonderful part of Madrid. It’s absolutely great being here. I have my own bathroom and sleep on a mattress that pulls out from under the couch. Annie was nice enough to let me keep nightmaresuitcase in her room for the time being. I don’t know what I will do when I have to actually come get it.

You would think with all this sleeping around (joke!) that I would be in the home stretch by now, right? Well, unfortunately, the rumor around town is that almost everything is done in the new apartment except there was some sort of shower crisis. So I can’t move in yet (unless I want to smell like a homeless person. Ironic, right?) But, the Universe smiled on me once again because British Guy got a job offer in Finland. So, he’s going to be in Finland next week and has generously offered me the use of his fabulous apartment while he’s away. (Big TV…perfect location…don’t mind if I do!)

Plus, it’s a holiday weekend this weekend in Spain so I’m going with some friends to visit a very beautiful area in the north of Spain called Asturias.

Cross your fingers that my new place will be ready by October 17, otherwise I think I will be homeless AND friendless for having annoyed the crap out of everyone.

I’d like to briefly point out how beautifully I am handling this situation. I only had one moment where I almost freaked out because my suitcase constantly looked like it had detonated itself in Annie’s room, but even so I kept losing and finding and losing things and forgetting where I had put this, that, and the other and it was getting really frustrating. Oh how I dream of a closet! And drawers! And an Iron! And alone time! And choosing my own bedtime….some of you may know that I go to bed earlier than most 2nd graders, so trying to keep up with my hosts/hostesses has been a little exhausting.

I’m absolutely so lucky, though. I’m so lucky to have these friends, and so lucky to be here….with or without a home.


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