The thing about birthdays

Today I am 25. Tomorrow I will be 26.

I’m not lying when I say it took almost the entire year for me to accept the fact that I was 25, and now it’s time to turn 26.

I would say, actually, that I’ve gotten much more used to the idea of 26 in the past month or so. It’s so funny because when your routine is set, and you go to work each day wishing for the day to end quickly, the months really do fly by. But ever since I left Boston, and then was in Colorado, and am now in Spain, it seems as though time has slowed way down. Did I really leave Boston in August? It seems like months and months ago.

So, what’s the point of birthdays anyway? When we no longer care to get older, what exactly is it that we are celebrating?

Birthdays have been weird for me the last few years. I seem to be somewhere new or different each year. For 22, I was in Boulder. For 23 I was in Madrid (just moved a week earlier.) For 24, I was in Australia. For 25, I was in Boston. And at 26, I find myself on a brand new journey in Madrid once again.

So really, since I seem to be around different people each time I celebrate my birthday, I often get a chance to think about what my birthday means to me, regardless of who is around. And, I think it’s a time to celebrate all of my accomplishments over the last year. The things I learned, the growing I did, and everything that has led me to the present moment (one of celebration!) Twenty five was a good year. It definitely was a year of real world experiences and a lot of (I always say this) learning about myself. They say that your personality doesn’t stop developing until you are 25. Is that true? I’m not sure.

At any rate, I am ready and excited for 26! I’m not going to tell myself where I should be at this point in life, or what I should have accomplished by now. I think my experiences thus far are enough.


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3 Responses to The thing about birthdays

  1. Jessica says:

    I had a hard time with 26…especially because my husband was all, “YOU’RE on the OTHER SIDE…LATE 20s!”

    Shut the hell up is what I wanted to say…and now I’m about to turn 27 in a few months….awesome. I’m old.

    • juliemcg says:

      Hmm…I guess I didn’t consider the leap into late 20’s. However, I think, technically, I am still in my mid 20’s. Because, you can’t just have ONE year of mid 20’s, right? So let’s just stick with that. I’ll worry about late 20’s around the time I turn 28.

  2. John says:

    I always thought 26 had a good sound to it. So did 27 and 28. 29 felt funny though. But 26 – 26 sounded great. I didnt know you were in Australia when you were 24. You’ve really jumped around. Well – if your personality develops until you’re 25, then you’ve done very well for yourself with a lot of cool experiences. I am sure 26 will be the best yet.


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