So, after going to orientation and spending a few days readjusting to Madrid, I feel pretty comfortable. My living situation right now is not ideal, but it’s certainly tolerable for about two more weeks or so.

In my other free day before orientation, I ran some errands, walked around, and saw more of my favorite parts of the city. Why was I so worried about being bored and lonely? I suddenly realized that after a year of having awkward times between classes in Madrid when I couldn’t go home that I became the master time waster. I am at my peak now, strolling around Madrid, and knowing I can never actually get lost because all I’d have to do is find the closest Metro stop. How did I forget how beautiful Madrid is? Put your hands up for Madrid, I love this city.

In the afternoon, after I had done a significant amount of wandering (including a 60-minute walking tour of Retiro..forgot how huge that park is) I met up with a guy named Billy from my program. He and I had both put messages on the Facebook group saying we’d like to meet up with someone so we did. We were joined later by a girl named Kayla. Both of them seemed very cool and down to earth. It made me feel relaxed.

I met the rest of the people in my program at orientation and they seem like an interesting bunch. Definitely some are more my types than others, but overall my ridiculous anxiety that they would all be best friends and I would be the outcast has ceased.

I’m still waiting to hear about my schedule, and am unsure of what my classes will be like, but overall this seems very do-able.

It also definitely helps to already have a bunch of familiar faces in Madrid. Spending time with old friends this week has been very comforting. I like them so much that I stayed out until 2 last night even though I had to get up at 6 to get to orientation this morning. It’s OK, I’m going to nap now and then decide if I want to hang with new or old friends later.

I promise to start adding pictures at some point.


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