Day 2

So when I arrived yesterday and paid a cab driver a million Euros to drop me off at a stranger’s apartment, I felt bad. I felt uncomfortable, unhappy, and far away from everything I loved. It sounds childish, but I suddenly missed my mom sooo much. After finally getting here, I did a little shopping, but felt kind of tired and done after the 14-hour trip.

I tried to go to bed around ten, but it sounded like my roommates had some people over. It’s really hard to tell because with all the windows open (it’s a bazillion degrees) I can hear the neighbors perfectly. At any rate, they were really loud and up until really really late. I think that neither of them has a job, so they are here constantly. They are definitely nice, but it turns out they’re married, which neither of them mentioned to me in emails sent. That kind of annoys me because I don’t want to live with a couple. Oh, and they smoke and they’re growing marijuana on the terrace. I feel grateful that I’m moving out in about 3 weeks.

So I tried to sleep as long as I could this morning, but it was so hot, and the sun was up, and I was feeling faint with hunger since I ate nothing but part of an airline breakfast yesterday. I showered, got dressed, and ventured out. What I wanted, what I really wanted, was to go to a touristy place and get a big breakfast. So partly out of hunger, and partly out of nostalgia, I returned to Gran Via which was where Keira and I stayed in hostels when we were apartment hunting a few years ago. We ate all our meals over there. It was everything I hoped it would be. I sat quietly and read. Drank juice and coffee and had some eggs.

I wandered around there a bit. Gran Via (meaning Broadway) is my favorite part of the city. It combines the old and beautiful architecture with bright lights and modern stores and restaurants. I found my way easily from Gran Via to Callao to Sol. So much of this is very familiar…taking the Metro, walking the streets, hearing Spanish spoken, and the sound of the crosswalks chirping. It seems like I never left. Or that I have been temporarily transported into a memory.

So, in summary, last night was lonely and weird but today wasn’t too bad. I did some exploring, went back to many of my comfort zones including an English speaking bookstore and bar where I ran into an old friend of mine. It’s easy to sit in a cafe and get lost in my book. I got worried about what would happen when my book ended, that’s why I went and bought another. I also bought groceries and a cell phone. Something about having a cell phone makes me feel 100 times better.

I forgot how scary being very, very far from home is. But perhaps I will readjust. I remember I got kind of addicted to it last time.


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One Response to Day 2

  1. Lo says:

    Awww… congrats surviving your second day in Madrid! Soon you’ll be a full on Spaniard again. 🙂 Big hugs. (If it makes you feel better, I cried non-stop the first 2 nights in Italy. I was lame.)

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