Life of a nomad

Tomorrow is my second to last day of the routine I’ve had for a little over a year.

It’s weird how nostalgic I’ve become. I used to be the person who never cried at good-byes, and now I cry at pretty much everything. Seriously. A good story on the Today show, an episode of Jon & Kate plus 8, and especially now, good-byes.

Actually, remember the dentist that made me cry when I first met him? He and I have spent a lot of quality time together over the past month and a half, and I grew quite fond of him. I almost cried during my last visit, but kept myself restrained. I get sad driving to work (what?) because I think I might miss Marblehead. I am a freak.

In order to cope with my waterworks, I sometimes lie to myself and convince myself that I will actually see this person quite soon. My friend Mallory said that seems like it’s not healthy, but I honestly think it is a perfectly reasonable plan. It is a strategy that will be put to work this week during my last book club, my work going away party, and my real going away party. But crying might be the only thing that keeps my good-byes from being super awkward because I’m also quite often a super-awkward good-byer (complete with falling on people, kissing their cheeks inappropriately, or accidentally almost making out with them.)

Things are ending so quickly. It seemed like it took forever to get here, and now it seems like I don’t have enough time. I can barely think past finishing up work, much less finishing up packing, and then driving in the car for two and a half days with my dad. I think that’s why Spain still seems surreal and far away.

Even though I already found a place to live. Yes, hold your applause. I feel a little wary of finding it via the internet, but only because I wasn’t able to get “that feeling” you get when you walk into a place and know it’s right for you. So, while it fits absolutely all of my checklist requirements, I just hope it’s also a place where I feel comfortable and at home. I’m also slightly disappointed that all those hours spent watching House Hunters International will not actually pay off for me yet. Damn.

So, here comes Spain, ready or not. Colorado first. Then Spain.


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Marketing, writing, editing, traveling, social media-ing woman from Colorado.
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One Response to Life of a nomad

  1. Lo says:

    Um. I’m going to cry.

    Also, let me know if you need help packing after we do dinner on Monday the 10th…

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